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to make your heritage a key to the future

Nova Heritage patrimoine
Nova Heritage Patrimoine

Nova Heritage is a consulting, prospective engineering and implementation agency
committed in the safekeeping protection and valorization of your cultural, archaeological and environmental heritages.
The agency supports you in the design and implementation of your projects in order to bring out, in the long term, the true potential of your assets,
and offers you innovative and custom solutions, in order to succeed in makin your past an asset for tomorrow.

5 pillars on which to rely on

Conceiving a solid project on solid bases

Our specialities rely on several foundations :

The establishment of a unique interlocution to facilitate exchanges and an open dialogue with project actors.
A desire for cross-cutting approach in order to allow projects to participate actively in the development of your territory.
An innovative vision and constant monitoring by active watch, for a constant renewal and provide the best answers and experiences.
An ability to integrate technical and political complexities and negotiate in order to find the perfect balance between your projects and the specifics of the territory.
An ethic work and the sharing of common values with all partners

Creating a virtuous circle to save, protect and promote sustainably

Our news

Heritage in a few figures


sites distributed among 167 member states

are already classified at UNESCO in 2019


of the cultural and natural assets are threatened


loss, which is what certain territories, around the world, are experiencing, without anyone noticing.