Consulting and implementation

Audit, counselling and feasibility assessment

Nova Heritage observes, establishes your diagnostics, develops your projects on the basis of feasibility, sets the main features of a politic and defines partnership and operational strategy(ies) in order to optimize the cultural and economic development of your sites and their close surroundings.

Planning and project design

Nova Heritage designs and defines dedicated programs, brings together all partners and professionals and develops specific action plans, in order to ensure the success of your projects, while meeting the aspirations of the project owners and their investment capacities.

Conduct of operations

Nova Heritage assists the project owner in the implementation of the operations and the first practical phases - often felt as the most sensitive. The agency also supports public policy, facilitates all networks and develops activities of consultation and citizen participation

Management of communication

The agency proposes a whole panel of services to put forward your heritage. From the organization of events to the development of your e-reputation, Now Heritage will know how to find the ideal partners to answer your expectations.

Missions of evaluation and restitution by drone

Nova Heritage estimates the status and the specific needs of the preservation of the assets, by organizing drone shootings. This method avoids any additional degradation and allows to establish a precise diagnosis thanks to 3D restitution development. These restitutions can also serve within the framework of the development of secondary projects to be defined.