Nova Lab

The agency offers its customers an opportunity to imagine, build and share new visions and to innovate in the heritage field.

A dynamic and creative approach for sustainable preservation.

Custom locations

Creative workshops and conferences are organized in places favoring contact and creativity. It is by being oneself in open living spaces that Nova Heritage tries to feed and stimulate ideas to turn them into tools.

Imagine and co-elaborate

The agency offers its customers to brainstorm and clarify their projects, in order to develop and perpetuate actions, and to produce new ideas by growing rich of the diversity of skills, experiences and points of view. A collective intelligence process becoming a powerful tool of cohesion and commitment.

Prototype and test

Before starting looking for funding and finalizing all the realizations, Nova Heritage, with the support of experts, checks and tests the feasibility of the imagined process, in order to impove and/or modify them.

Deploy and perpetuate

Once the strategy and the tools created, Nova Heritage deploys them on a restricted zone in order to multiply observations ans returns. Concepts are then discussed again and adjusted by all experts having joined the project, and all the impacted populations. Our customers then hold all the cards to fully and sustainable deploy their projects.

If you have questions or would like to share a project with us,
feel free to contact us !