Trainings & interventions

Because the success of a project passes by a competent team,
Nova Heritage proposes trainings and custom-made interventions,
totally adapted to the conditions of the sites and to your expectations.

Know-how at the service of the assets

Unique trainings for ever more competent teams

Nova Heritage proposes the conception of custom-made trainings dedicated
to the management of endangered heritages

  • Risk management,
  • Sites management and planning,
  • Cultural communication,
  • Change conduct in the management of sites to safeguard and protect,
  • Awareness-raising of the populations to safeguarding and training the sites volunteers,
  • Innovation integration, …

Each training is fitted to the issues related to the sites and their management.
They are designed to integrate your strategies.
Nova Heritage attempts to make live to the learners original and innovative experiences
in order to help them to appropriate perfectly all the new practices.

The agency proposes specific approaches

Innovation and anticipation at the core of practices

  • proposing access to new practices and strategies,
  • supporting you in the use of new tools,
  • helping enhancing the capabilities of your teams,
  • helping your teams to anticipate, build and develop the future of the assets

Being trained will never be as before.