A tailor-made team for a unique project !

Creativity, innovation and adaptation are the core of our actions.
That is why our teams will create and develop, especially for you, appropriate methods and tools,
suitable to your needs and to your territories specificities.

Aurore Lejosne-Bougaud

Founder of Nova Heritage & CEO
Prospective Engineering & Project owner
Independant researcher

+33 (0)6 73 45 49 70


Fields of expertise :
Archaeology, art history, cultural exchanges, heritage safekeeping and protection, drone pilot specialized in photogrammetry and virtual reality, strategic innovation and prospective.

Interests :
R&D and project conceptor // Interest in integrating social and technological innovation // Work on collective and inclusive intelligence // prospective.

Why Nova Heritage ?
Born of passions such as heritage and innovation, the agency has taken on its full meaning and form through inspiring encounters around the world. It was also to be able to create a window on the future and to remain in perpetual motion in the face of a world that continually mutates.
" Innovation is a situation you choose, because you have a burning passion for something"
Steve Jobs

The agency brings together a number of skills
at the crossroads of fields of cultural and natural heritage, digital,
sustainable development, social innovation and tourism expertise

In relation to network of experts, Nova Heritage offers a great multi-disciplinary nature of the professions:
studies, advice and assistance in implementation / concertation, communication and heritage mediation / programming and territorial innovation / international cooperation and international project development / production and co-production of cultural and citizen events...
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